Handgun and Long-gun transfers: $20
Additional same day transfers - handguns: $10 each after the 1st
Additional same day transfers - long-guns: $5 each after the 1st

Class III / NFA transfers including form 4 processing, postage and storage: $95**
Class III Fingerprint Cards and Photos $30 per person

We transfer firearms every day from various locations. We are a preferred transfer station for Bud's, Cheaper than Dirt, Aim Surplus and a few other FFL dealer websites. If we are preferred, our FFL is already on file with these vendors and you just need to place the order and wait for it to arrive at our store. When it arrives and is booked in we will call you, usually within an hour of its arrival. To aid in any order confusion by the forwarding FFL, please fill out our form above to let us know you have a firearm inbound.
If we have not done a transfer with an FFL or if they do not keep us on file for future transfers, we will need to provide our license before the firearm can ship. This is done via email (our preferred method) or FAX.
To start a transfer with a non-preferred FFL, we will need their information in order to proceed with sending our license to them. Please use the form button above to fill out our form or email us the following: your name, contact phone number, FFL or transferor name, FFL or transferor email, type of firearm being transferred and any comments or questions you have.
Send this to: ffl@alphastartactical.com